Now that I’ve started receiving comments, I feel obligated to put up this comments policy.

  • The following things (and similar) are totally fine: constructive agreement, constructive disagreement, constructive waffling, just saying hi, off-topic tangents, links to your favorite creative works, and goofing off.
  • The following things (and similar) are not okay, and will be deleted or moderated at my discretion: unjustified or irrelevant personal attacks, commercial or nonsensical spam, and hate speech.
  • This is a “safe space” for trans folk, genderqueer folk, intersex folk, neutrois, and others who are or have been gendered incorrectly by the kyriarchy. You are not going to misgender us, deny our identities, use anti-trans slurs, or lie about us on this blog. If I write a blog post calling you out on transphobia, that does not guarantee you the right to reply on my blog with more transphobia. I will not argue about this policy. It should be the default.
  • On the other hand, respectfully posed questions, 101-ish and otherwise, about being transgender are acceptable, but before asking them, please consult the Trans 101 section of Questioning Transphobia. In particular, please read the “Transphobic Tropes” series, and try not to fall into these common but offensive errors. (If you have, e.g., a respectfully posed question about the reasoning of one of those articles, that’s fine too, although the QT community might be better equipped to answer.)

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