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As you may know, at an increasing number of airports, the TSA will take naked pictures of you before you’re allowed to fly on a commercial plane. If you refuse, they will molest you. And if you turn around and try to leave without flying, you will be investigated and threatened with a lawsuit. This […]

(This is even longer than my average post. I wish I could be conciser, but I want to do the whole arc of this thing justice.) I swear with all my heart, there was a time when Feminist Critics was my favorite website in existence. And that time wasn’t very long ago. I was a […]

Linkspam! #1


Because I’m desperately trying to hold onto some of my readers from the Alas! link, but don’t have time to write another real post yet. This is named after the Anti-Oppression Linkspam Community, so why not link that first? Most of the recent posts are about the Evelyn Evelyn controversy, but if you don’t want […]

Cedar has written some of the most trenchant stuff ever about transphobia — in particular, her Combatting “Combatting Ignorance” series. You should read it. The whole thing. But what I’m drawing from today is part 2, where she says: But see, once you’re in the position to not be labeled ignorant, “not knowing” trans things […]

New Second Awakening blogger Dr. Morbius recently posted about one sticking point with her therapist: It occurred to me this week, and not for the first time, that my therapist might raise an eyebrow toward my reading habits. Shortly after I began transition in earnest, she started suggesting women’s lit to me, as a way […]

He must go on, and he could not go on. The wall stopped him. A painful, angry fear rose up in him. [. . .] They were pointing, showing him something there on the ground, the sour dirt where nothing grew. A stone lay there. It was dark like the wall, but on it, or […]