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Since the end of the 2010 elections, Nate Silver’s blog (unlike mine) has been flowering with thoughtful posts on a wide variety of topics. At the moment, the latest is this post on gun control, showing that fewer Americans support a ban on handguns than did in 1980. Silver considers and rejects the proposition that […]

In an article just published at the British Daily Mail site, David Rose claims that new statistics show “global warming has halted.” Rose asserts that “with the exception of 1998 – a ‘blip’ year when temperatures spiked because of a strong ‘El Nino’ effect […] global temperatures have been flat, not for ten, but for […]

As you may know, at an increasing number of airports, the TSA will take naked pictures of you before you’re allowed to fly on a commercial plane. If you refuse, they will molest you. And if you turn around and try to leave without flying, you will be investigated and threatened with a lawsuit. This […]

(This is even longer than my average post. I wish I could be conciser, but I want to do the whole arc of this thing justice.) I swear with all my heart, there was a time when Feminist Critics was my favorite website in existence. And that time wasn’t very long ago. I was a […]

Yesterday afternoon I hit the polls, amped up, energized. And maybe that’s surprising. After all, I vote, for the time being, in South Carolina, where liberal votes haven’t meant a whole lot in recent elections. And unlike in 2008 — when I got to vote for a lesbian running for the House who only lost […]

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Because I’ve been involved in a lot of discussion over at this Feminist Critics thread, which I could probably consolidate into some posts; but I’m reluctant to do that until after the discussion is over, in case my analysis missed some obvious points. But I need to post anyway, so, this. Alas! is back up, […]