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Update: Adams has removed his post. As soon as I saw that Dilbert creator Scott Adams was tackling the subject of men’s rights activism, I knew that, one way or the other, the result was going to be horrifying. While he has a decent understanding of many important aspects of the real world on the […]

(This is even longer than my average post. I wish I could be conciser, but I want to do the whole arc of this thing justice.) I swear with all my heart, there was a time when Feminist Critics was my favorite website in existence. And that time wasn’t very long ago. I was a […]

I may think trigger warnings as currently constituted are sometimes inutile and even counterproductive, as I argued previously, but I still do take offense to the attitude that they should merely be mocked and then dispensed with. Survivors face real problems, and trigger warnings are at the least an attempt to help them; that deserves respect.

I’ve seen the 2004 essay “Equality Between Men and Women is Not Achievable: Apples and Oranges” floating around. The thinking in this argument is particularly muddled — perhaps not surprising coming from “Angry Harry,” who, despite being staunchly anti-feminist, has apparently adopted the feminist tactic of preferring anger to logic. But some of his points […]

Cedar has written some of the most trenchant stuff ever about transphobia — in particular, her Combatting “Combatting Ignorance” series. You should read it. The whole thing. But what I’m drawing from today is part 2, where she says: But see, once you’re in the position to not be labeled ignorant, “not knowing” trans things […]

If I remember right, I initially encountered the subject of this post, Paul Elam’s article The Problem with Gay Rights, in the context of someone in a Feminist Critics thread making the point that men’s rights activists are beginning to police the homophobia within their ranks. That’s necessary context for what I’m about to say. […]

There’s a talented American pop/R&B singer named Janelle Monae. This is what she looks like. She adopts flamboyant, traditionally male clothing and hair. Nobody really cares; if anything, she’s praised for her style. There’s a talented Japanese guitarist named Bou (born Kazuhiro Saitou), star of the visual kei rock band An(tic) Cafe. This is what […]