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Update: Adams has removed his post. As soon as I saw that Dilbert creator Scott Adams was tackling the subject of men’s rights activism, I knew that, one way or the other, the result was going to be horrifying. While he has a decent understanding of many important aspects of the real world on the […]

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Because I’ve been involved in a lot of discussion over at this Feminist Critics thread, which I could probably consolidate into some posts; but I’m reluctant to do that until after the discussion is over, in case my analysis missed some obvious points. But I need to post anyway, so, this. Alas! is back up, […]

I may think trigger warnings as currently constituted are sometimes inutile and even counterproductive, as I argued previously, but I still do take offense to the attitude that they should merely be mocked and then dispensed with. Survivors face real problems, and trigger warnings are at the least an attempt to help them; that deserves respect.

But then the ending — systematically and with malice aforethought — ruined some of my more charitable ideas about the book, forced me to reevaluate the whole thing, and even made me wonder whether Stephenson was just straight out a racist. Having given the book some further thought, I’m inclined to walk that thought back. But I will say that The Diamond Age, while very good as a work of fiction, is at the least racially and culturally problematic. I would blame no one either for loving Stephenson’s book obsessively or for setting it on fire, and personally feel inclined to do both at once.

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Because I’m desperately trying to hold onto some of my readers from the Alas! link, but don’t have time to write another real post yet. This is named after the Anti-Oppression Linkspam Community, so why not link that first? Most of the recent posts are about the Evelyn Evelyn controversy, but if you don’t want […]

So I’ve been working on a bunch of posts about trans issues, and it was making me angry. And when I’m angry it makes me a) miserable and b) prone to commit dumbs. I am given to understand that, for many transfeminist bloggers, this is the proper state of things. You’re supposed to be miserable […]

There’s a talented American pop/R&B singer named Janelle Monae. This is what she looks like. She adopts flamboyant, traditionally male clothing and hair. Nobody really cares; if anything, she’s praised for her style. There’s a talented Japanese guitarist named Bou (born Kazuhiro Saitou), star of the visual kei rock band An(tic) Cafe. This is what […]