Scott Adams to MRAs: “Get over it, you bunch of pussies”


Update: Adams has removed his post.

As soon as I saw that Dilbert creator Scott Adams was tackling the subject of men’s rights activism, I knew that, one way or the other, the result was going to be horrifying. While he has a decent understanding of many important aspects of the real world on the macro level, Adams also has a strong tendency to
fuck up all his good ideas with unnecessary engineering bloat, much as was accused of. He also writes a ton of boring traditional sexist stuff, which tends to make his blog more distressing to read than it should be.

While Scott’s Men’s Rights post doesn’t contain any good or original ideas, it does rely on his aforementioned decent understanding of the real world, which surpasses that of most MRAs. Scott, as a rich white man, understands — though he doesn’t use that word — that he is privileged. He understands that most of the MRA people complaining are doing pretty well too. So, he argues, concede certain putative advantages to women in the social and legal realms, as this is the “path of least resistance” and a proven way to get what you want. So his advice to “get over it” makes perfect sense to those people. He doesn’t say this, but it follows: if you’re at the top of the heap, you don’t want to destabilize the social or legal system; that just provides more opportunity for insurrection. Just keep it low-key and carry on. Probably this is why “men’s rights” has not gone mainstream in the conservative male-dominated realm of American politics.

Of course, the MRAs wouldn’t listen if he confined himself to strategy, so there is plenty of good old fashioned sexism to be had. Any time an essay contains the phrase “I realize I might take some heat for lumping women, children and the mentally handicapped in the same group,” well, you know what you are in for. Adams also suggests that women’s greater life expectancy doesn’t matter because older people’s lives are not worth living. Those are probably the most stupid and horrifying bits; I suppose I should also note that “pussies” is a sexist insult, although when it’s applied to a group that habitually calls dissenting men “manginas” my sympathy is greatly diminished.


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