Linkspam! #2


Because I’ve been involved in a lot of discussion over at this Feminist Critics thread, which I could probably consolidate into some posts; but I’m reluctant to do that until after the discussion is over, in case my analysis missed some obvious points. But I need to post anyway, so, this.

  • Alas! is back up, along with this post by Jeff Fecke arguing that the Tea Party is fascist. I believed this already, to be honest, but this is a good argument for it.
  • Queen Emily on cuts to welfare for people with disabilities in Britain, coinciding with a decision to waive taxes owed by Vodafone that would, if collected, have just about paid for the benefits being cut. As she says, “the fact that austerity measures will most affect vulnerable communities is not a bug, it is a feature.”
  • Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck is a work of genius; I’m not sure I’ve been moved to say that about a webcomic not created by Ryan Armand before. Rather than merely being a good print comic that happens to exist on the Internet, it’s an audience-collaborative effort that uses animation and interactivity — but only when necessary — to tell its story. It starts out a little weird, but give it 100 pages and you’ll be hooked.
  • I’ve heard a lot about Amanda Simpson. But Ari Ne’eman is an appointment that means a lot to me, too.
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    3 Responses to “Linkspam! #2”

    1. 1 Seven

      I’m really looking forward to the post on the FC thread. That thread is…very representative of the problems that the typical feminist will run into with posting there. I’ve found your comments very interesting.

      • Thanks for dropping by, both here and at the FC thread; you’ve taken up the feminist mantle more than adequately there. I had been mulling a response to Jim, just for the sake of not ignoring the guy I had been bashing. But since you posted I don’t feel I need to do that. And after he attempted to blame foot-binding, of all things, on women, it’s a relief that I don’t have to attempt to respond.

        I don’t know that I’ll swear off Feminist Critics forever, because a lot of interesting people hang out there, with whom I agree on some issues. But it’s become apparent that I have experienced both the world and feminism incredibly differently than many of the commenters there; and if there are any regulars who’ve had different experiences (like maybe ballgame, whom I was originally talking to!) they pretty much stayed away from the discussion. So it seems that having an overarching argument with the prompt “resolved; feminism is maybe not completely worthless” is basically a huge waste of time there. Which is a shame, because I’m not sure there are places better equipped to have that discussion on some sort of equitable playing field.

        Though maybe, conceivably, a NoH thread there could do it, especially if we had multiple feminists participating. I posted my original comments on a NoH thread, but after the discussion was underway they got moved to an RP thread, which is probably what led to Jim’s crazy shit not getting struck. And since open threads aren’t marked one way or the other, I actually didn’t figure out that had happened until I had already decided to bow out. At that point requesting an NoH thread would seem like special pleading or being a needy woman or whatever, but it probably would have had a better chance for civility without me having to sort through so much of typhon’s CAPS RANTS and Eagle32 copying and pasting the same post five times into every thread.

        The FC sum-up post is coming; I just need to find an old thread I’m thinking of where Daran and Ampersand were arguing over movements and narratives. Too bad I can’t remember where that took place, as it would narrow down my search.

      • Oh yeah, and please don’t let anti-feminists determine whether you call yourself a feminist. It’s in some people’s interest to have as few reasonable people as possible claim the term, even though, in your case, I think it clearly applies.

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