Linkspam! #1


Because I’m desperately trying to hold onto some of my readers from the Alas! link, but don’t have time to write another real post yet.

  1. This is named after the Anti-Oppression Linkspam Community, so why not link that first? Most of the recent posts are about the Evelyn Evelyn controversy, but if you don’t want to read eight whole posts about that, there’s plenty of other excellent stuff on creative work and how not to fail so hard. I don’t agree with everything in the comm — does anyone? — but I recognize the importance of reading it.
  2. I learned a lot from this timeline of the recent history of circumcision from the International Coalition for Genital Integrity. You might laugh at some of the ridiculous justifications early physicians gave to justify circumcision, but you’ll stop laughing when you realize that people are still making these claims — and that the proportion of men being circumcised in the world is still rising, even as it continues to fall in the US and UK. (And then you’ll start laughing again when you run into some of the all-too-appropriately-named doctors mentioned.)
  3. Andrea writes about her assault in a public train, which was ignored or thought amusing by the passengers — and by most of the police officers she goes to for help — because she’s a trans woman.
  4. Two very well-written Potterverse fanfics about being trans, by trans author Alchemia Dent: Blaise and (with Bugland) Pigfeathers.
  5. Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbing a mountain?
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