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I’ve seen the 2004 essay “Equality Between Men and Women is Not Achievable: Apples and Oranges” floating around. The thinking in this argument is particularly muddled — perhaps not surprising coming from “Angry Harry,” who, despite being staunchly anti-feminist, has apparently adopted the feminist tactic of preferring anger to logic. But some of his points […]

Linkspam! #1


Because I’m desperately trying to hold onto some of my readers from the Alas! link, but don’t have time to write another real post yet. This is named after the Anti-Oppression Linkspam Community, so why not link that first? Most of the recent posts are about the Evelyn Evelyn controversy, but if you don’t want […]

Cedar has written some of the most trenchant stuff ever about transphobia — in particular, her Combatting “Combatting Ignorance” series. You should read it. The whole thing. But what I’m drawing from today is part 2, where she says: But see, once you’re in the position to not be labeled ignorant, “not knowing” trans things […]

If I remember right, I initially encountered the subject of this post, Paul Elam’s article The Problem with Gay Rights, in the context of someone in a Feminist Critics thread making the point that men’s rights activists are beginning to police the homophobia within their ranks. That’s necessary context for what I’m about to say. […]