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So I’ve been working on a bunch of posts about trans issues, and it was making me angry. And when I’m angry it makes me a) miserable and b) prone to commit dumbs. I am given to understand that, for many transfeminist bloggers, this is the proper state of things. You’re supposed to be miserable […]

There’s a talented American pop/R&B singer named Janelle Monae. This is what she looks like. She adopts flamboyant, traditionally male clothing and hair. Nobody really cares; if anything, she’s praised for her style. There’s a talented Japanese guitarist named Bou (born Kazuhiro Saitou), star of the visual kei rock band An(tic) Cafe. This is what […]

He must go on, and he could not go on. The wall stopped him. A painful, angry fear rose up in him. [. . .] They were pointing, showing him something there on the ground, the sour dirt where nothing grew. A stone lay there. It was dark like the wall, but on it, or […]